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Tuk-Tuk Raid. India Challenge 2018

De Chennai a Goa. La travesía del sur. Una apasionante aventura sobre tres ruedas. Un reto inolvidable.

“India es infinitamente absorbente, como un océano” Pandit J. Nehru.

Una divertida experiencia, un desafío y una labor de equipo. Un viaje activo para conocer India a ras de tierra, en un reto,  poniendo tus sentidos a mil revoluciones, con tu equipo y con el resto de equipos y compañeros. Sentirás la satisfacción de sumergirte en India, de seguir un  recorrido y, sólo por tus medios, llegar a la Meta.

TUK-TUK RAID te ofrece atravesar el sur de India a tu propio ritmo, en el típico transporte indio. El Tuk Tuk es toda una institución en India. Aunque nosotros sólo lo ocupemos con 2 o 3 participantes, este vehículo de tres ruedas puede llegar a albergar hasta 20 viajeros para traslados de corta distancia,  así como para transportar cualquier tipo de mercancía: gallinas, sofás, remolques de bicicletas… También se usa como cama al aire libre o comedor. El Tuk Tuk  tiene todos los usos que uno pueda imaginar. En horas punta, se forman constantes mareas de colores que se mueven al ritmo de un tráfico disparatado, ofreciendo el mejor paisaje y sintiendo el aire fresco y dulce que se cuela por sus espacios abiertos,  sobre sus tres ruedas,  jamás imaginable. Entre este desorden estaremos nosotros, conduciendo nuestro Tuk-Tuk, avanzando por los caminos y carreteras, o por los laberintos urbanos, y mezclándonos entre un enjambre de gentes, motos, coches, camiones, vacas, monos o elefantes como verdaderos Indios. Un viaje en grupo donde la diversión está asegurada

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1.369 Euros por persona para un Equipo de 3 paxs

1.896 Euros por persona para un Equipo de 2 paxs

Precio para reservas efectuadas después del 15 de Abril:

1.479 Euros por persona para un Equipo de 3 paxs.

1.995 Euros por persona para un Equipo de 2 paxs

  • 2 de septiembre
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Tuk-Tuk Raid. India Challenge 2018

Chennai to Goa. The Southern crossing. A thrilling adventure on 3 wheels. An unforgetable challenge.

“India is endlessly absorving, like an ocean” Pandit J. Nehru.

“There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open” Pandit J. Nehru.

India means Street lifestyle. You have to experience it yourself to get a real print of a country of these characteristics. Among smokey food stands, ambulant sellers and floods of people coming and going, the colours, smells and sounds will post up your sensations and emotions in your memory after having lived this melting pot of cultures and religions.

TUK-TUK RAID pourposes you discovering India on your own rythm, by the indian transportation for excellence: the Tuk-Tuk. Tuk Tuks or Rickshaws (how are named there) are an institution themselves in India. If we will just occupy it with a máximum of three participants, this vehicle can host until 20 travellers for short distance trips, and not to say, any other kind of goods if a couch, a hen or a sheep , inside or on the roof, a bycicle trailer, or a function as openair bedroom or outdoor kitchen, feel free to imagine any other occupant or occupacy chance. We will be driving our Tuk-Tuk, coming across beautiful backroads, not common highways, lonely roads and urban labyrinths, all of them full of people, cars, bikes, cows, monkeys, elefants during daytime but very quiet during nighttime. Yes, a fantastic option for a teambuilding action. Best India experience on ground level, a explotion in your senses, your heart will beat 1000 rps, searching the best itinerary for every journey: across amazing temples, best sand beaches, incredible villages, tasty black chai or tastiest massala chai, curry, friendly people. At the end, a real-life indian experience, the event of the year.

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Also important is our collaboration with Roundtable foundation a Project for children’s education who we will meet on our way to Goa.


Price for reservations before 15th april:

1.369 Euros per person 3 people Team

1.896 Euros per person 2 people Team

Reservations after 15th April 2017:

1.479 Euros per person 3 people Team.

1.995 Euros per person 2 people Team.

  • 2nd-15th September 2018
  • From 1369€
  • Accomodation and breakfast in hotel*** and **** in doublé or triple rooms depending on your desire and reservation.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Tuk-Tuk. Specially comfortable seats, melodical horn (do not understimate the importance of this). Exterior: new wheels and best standards tuk-tuk. Decoration: pimp your Tuk-Tuk!! Design your own Tuk-Tuk according to your team name and pourpose! Time has come to open up your most eccentric face. More information below!
  • A great rescue-safe official infrastructure: Coordination Team indian-spanish Coordinator, Altum and ALVENTUS&AÑOSLUZ Companion. Car to carry your properties, mechanical service lorry and rescue car. Tuk-tuks are checked and fixed in case of need every single night when arriving to the hotel.
  • 100% Vehicle insurance.
  • Road book and practical Tuk-tuk driving tuitions.
  • Survival Kit.
  • First aid Kit.
  • Tools Kit.
  • Explorer shirt and oficial team Tshirt Tuk-Tuk Raid.
  • SIM Card and mobile phone (not smartphone).
  • Road Map.
  • Oficial Cap.
  • Welcome party drinks and a farewell celebration with coctails, prizes to win, acreditation and you-will-never-forget-this-trip presents!
  • Travel insurance.
  • Flights. In case you need flights, We can book them for you: Madrid/Barcelona/Bilbao/Málaga To Chennai (via Dehli) and from Mumbai or Goa (Qatar Airways) from 490 go/return.
  • Meals, excepting indicated in Include. India is a culinary Paradise and food prices are very reasonable.
  • Any tickets or entrance fees for Palaces, Temples or any other service not especified in Included.
  • Visum to India.